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Plunk Podz

Our steel frame and panel modular system allows for the creation of customized, turnkey space. You tell us what you need and where you want it and we'll plunk it down for you. Backyard office, plunk. Pool house or bunkie, plunk. Yoga studio or gym, plunk. Options are endless...

These units are built for rapid deployment, ease of delivery, and setup. Each unit is designed to create a comfortable and desirable space to meet the needs of those having to quarantine, including all the necessary amenities for the functionality of the occupant and also unique visitation spaces separated by glass and properly ventilated which allow people to visually connect with families, loved ones and coworkers in a COVID safe environment.

IsoPoz is constructed on 11.5’x 30’ foot steel frames that can be placed on axels or skid style frames allowing the units to be easily delivered and relocated. IsoPodz can also be modified with removable axels for permanent installations.

Please contact us at or call 705-252-4605.