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Northern Shield Development Corp provides industry-leading modular and pre-fab manufacturing utilizing shipping containers and custom steel frames.

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Our capabilities are vast and our approach to construction is, unconventional. We strive to turn construction into assembly whenever and wherever possible by using the tremendous advantages of modular construction. These advantages ultimately culminate into two major results; faster delivery times and project completions which ties directly to cost savings. Steel, rust, dings and dents, rough lumber, nuts, bolts, surface mounted electrical and plumbing, we love all of it. Many of our projects embrace and incorporate the natural and rustic beauty that these materials offer to create unique, unconventional, and innovative living spaces. We also offer commercial grade and conventional residential finishes. Something for everyone…. Northern Shield is dedicated to providing services and delivering results that exceed the industry standards for craftsmanship and client care. All of our units are built with shipping containers, structurally insulated panels (SIPs), and steel frame modules. They are also built to any level of fit and finish - and to any building code or Engineering requirement. With sustainability at the forefront of our services - we ensure our approach always results in cleaner job sites, reduced waste, and a healthier world.