The cost of conventional construction has gotten out of control.

Communities are striving to build more sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly housing howeverthe constant rise of both building materials and energy costs create challenges that often prevent, delay or complete negate housing plans and programs as we consider:

  • The cost of skilled labour and time to build a home or commercial building;
  • Rising cost of build materials including cement, wood and steel;
  • Environmental concerns from waste and the carbon foot print to build a structure;
  • Rising costs of energy challenging the owner/occupant;
  • Health issues resulting from fire, mould and radon exposure;
  • Unavailability or reliability of sub-contractors.

Quality controlled at factory

  • Factory setting allows for quality standard to be established and monitored
  • Climate controlled setting improves “tolerances”
  • Factory setting reduces variability created by environmental impacts
  • Easy for engineers to inspect/ensure code acceptance

Superior workmanship

  • Reduced onsite trades = less site coordination
  • Factory controlled quality leads to quick installation
  • Straight and true walls, doors, windows & corners
  • Fewer onsite decisions with less component and install variability

Tighter cost control

  • Less onsite materials shrinkage & waste
  • Easy to train low skilled labour
  • Factory setting has higher productivity

Higher Returns

  • All year construction –no slow downs / consistent crews
  • Faster project completion encourages faster cash turns
  • Less site management reduces management involvement
  • Less soil disturbance with a smaller worksite footprint
  • Less waste and clean-up

Monolithic Structure

  • Improves structural integrity for higher safety
  • Handles freeze/thaw cycle better
  • Handles soil settling better

No Special Tools or Lifting Equipment/Training

Air-Tight for 50% Energy Savings

Higher End-User Satisfaction

  • Air tight envelop reduces energy bill by up to 60%
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Moldproof SIP`s provides healthier homes
  • Fire proof materials increase home safety

Northern Shield’s Engineered Insulated Panels are built using standard construction dimensions. These panels come in 4 foot widths and 8 to 12 foot lengths. Panel thickness’ range from 2.5 inches to 8.5 inches depending on their application.
The panels can be use to augment, compliment or replace cement, steel, OSB SIP or stick frame construction.

  • Laminated panels with solid foam cores and Mgo sheating on each side
  • Panels are typically mounted to a footing and attached to each other via a solid material “spline”
  • All utility boring for electrical and/or plumbing is done in advance of shipment per engineered specifications

Northern Shield’s Engineered Insulated Panels are extremely versatile and easy to build with. It’s used for both commercial and residential structures/housing.
The panel’s proven durability will contribute to a well-built quality structure that will withstand both the test-of-time and the ELEMENTS!

  • Mould, mildew, salt, rust and corrosion resistant
  • Rapid High Quality Construction
  • Fire resistant and fire spread prevention
  • Hurricane and Earthquake resistant
  • EASY On-Site Assembly = Reduced Labor Demands
  • Adaptable to any Residential Application
  • Minimal Waste = Clean Work-Site
  • Up to 3 times more durable and stronger than traditional cladding and building systems